My first blog

Hello world.

I have decided after many years of deliberation that 2016 will be the year that I begin writing on my professional work and sharing it over the internet. My inspiration really began growing last autumn when we published a software package that I wanted to host on a contributed-blogging site. I had no previous blogs to post at that time to demonstrate my abilities as a blogger and competence for the site, which is required for the site. In addition to wanting to publish on that site, I recently read a quote: `blog like nobody's reading.' I often find myself worrying too much about what others think, and I am using that quote to necessarily continually remind myself that I want to do this and it doesn't need to be perfect.

The material that I will post will be related to the work I do, which is the science of ecology. As ecologists we try to understand why organisms are found where they are, plain an simple. As one could imagine, there are so many different ways of tacking this problem: sometimes behaviour is important, sometime history is important, sometimes climate is important, and sometimes other organisms are important, as examples.

In my approach to this field of science, I focus on how organisms disperse and how they interact with other organisms. My first step into ecology looked at plants whose seeds are dispersed by animals. I used field studies to experimentally track seeds and fruits, and I looked at the large-scale implications of various types of animal dispersal by studying distributions of animal-dispersed plants across North America. After I fished this work for my doctoral degree, my next step as an independent researcher was into a position to use mathematics to understand the mutually beneficial relationship between species, like seed-dispersing animals and plants. (In the latter relationship, the animals benefit by gaining nutritious rewards from plant seeds and fruits, and plants benefit by being dispersed to high-quality sites to grow.)

I predict that most of the material will be reflections on news, literature, and sociology of ecology. I will also be using this to post R-Bloggers, to hopefully interest readers of that site in ecology and I can use readers' feedback on programming.

Lastly, this entire website was generated using the blog-aware, static-site generator, Jekyll. I switched from proprietary software (specifically, iWeb) to be transparent so others--if they choose--can learn from this site (code is also available at GitHub). Oh, it's also pretty simple to use and is aesthetically pleasing to me.

Wish me luck!

Goodbye world.