QPot paper in The R Journal is in print

Today our paper on the quasi-potential R package was published in The R Journal’s 8th volume, 2nd issue of 2016, pages 19 to 38! It can be found on The R Journal’s website, here: link. This was a highly collaborative project. Our team was composed of a mathematician from University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maria Cameron, theoretical ecologists Ben Nolting and Karen Abbott, and two ecologists straddling the theory-empirical boundary, Chris Stieha and me, the latter four from Case Western Reserve University. Our paper built upon Ben and Karen’s paper on using the quasi-potential to assess stability in two-dimensional stochastic systems by creating a package in R that would make it accessible to ecologists (Maria Cameron wrote the C code). This paper is essentially a methods paper on how to use the package, with several examples to better familiarize users with how the quasi-potential actually works. I am happy that it is finally printed!