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BI271 Lab C2, fall semseter 2017

Congratulations—you’ve successfully navigated to BI271 Lab C2’s homepage! For my own consistency, I’ll be posting materials for the lab here, along with my lecture’s matieral (see the sidebar on the left). For now, I’ve attached the lab syllabus below, but more will follow during the first week of lab. See you soon!

Download the syllabus as a .docx file

Laboratory schedule

MeetingDateDayLaboratory exerciseAssignments
19/14REvolutionary ecology at the Colby-Marston BogHandout
29/21RInterspecific Competition & Zonation in Coastal Habitats 
39/28RData Analyses and Graphing in R 
410/5RCommunity Ecology of Leaf Litter Invertebrates Part I & Local Tree ID 
510/12REdge Effects on Runnals Hill, Part I 
610/19RNo Lab—Fall Break 
710/26REdge Effects on Runnals Hill, Part II; Community Ecology of Leaf Litter Invertebrates, Part II 
811/2RCommunity Ecology of Leaf Litter Invertebrates, Part III 
911/9RCemetery Demography 
1011/16RResearch Project 
1111/23RNo Lab—Thanksgiving Break 
1211/30RResearch Project 
1312/7RResearch Project Presentations