Preprint, submitted, accepted, or in press

SubmittedThe Movement Ecology of Mutualism (CSEE/ESA 2022, OOS17)Moore and 7 othersBulletin of the Ecological Society of America     
SubmittedMutualist dispersers and the global distribution of masting: mediation by climate and fertilityJourné and 93 othersNature Plants     
In pressIntroduction to quantitative ecology: mathematical and statistical modelling for beginners by T.E. Essington, 2021J.D.T. Savage and C.M. MooreThe Quarterly Review of Biology     

Peer-reviewed publications

2022Globally, tree fecundity exceeds productivity gradientsV. Journé and 93 othersEcology LettersLinkOpen access   
2022Limits to reproduction and seed size-number trade-offs that shape forest dominance and future recoveryT. Qiu and 102 othersNature CommunicationsLinkOpen accessCodeData 
2022Global urbanization drives parallel environmental and evolutionary changeJ.S. Santangelo and 287 othersScienceLink CodeDataCover
2021Continent-wide tree fecundity driven by indirect climate effectsJ.S. Clark and 61 othersNature CommunicationsLinkOpen accessCodeData 
2020Trends and transitions in 150 years of The American NaturalistV.B Smocovitis, D.I. Bolnick, C.M. Moore, P.L. MorseThe American NaturalistLinkOpen access Data 
2020On mutualism, models, and masting: the effects of seed-dispersing animals on the plants they disperseC.M. Moore, J.W. DittelJournal of EcologyLinkOpen access  Forum article
2020Fast and slow advances toward a deeper integration of theory and empiricismK.C. Abbott, F. Ji, C.R. Stieha, C.M. MooreTheoretical EcologyLinkReprint   
2019The mismatch in distributions of vertebrates and the plants that they disperseJ.W. Dittel, C.M. Moore, S.B. Vander WallEcographyLinkOpen accessLinkDataNamed Editor’s Choice
2018Population dynamics of mutualism and intraspecific density dependence: how θ-logistic-like density dependence affects mutualistic positive feedbackC.M. Moore, S.A. Catella, K.C. AbbottEcological ModellingLinkReprint, SuppMattLink  
2016QPot: An R Package for the Analysis of Two-Dimensional Stochastic Differential EquationsC.M. Moore, C.R. Stieha, B.C. Nolting, M.K. Cameron, K.C. AbbottThe R JournalLinkOpen accessCRAN, GitHub Software listed below
2016Interaction diversity of North American seed-dispersal mutualismsS.B. Vander Wall, C.M. MooreGlobal Ecology and BiogeographyLinkReprint   
2015Scatter-hoarding rodents disperse seeds to safe sites in a fire-prone ecosystemC.M. Moore, S.B. Vander WallPlant EcologyLinkReprintLink  
2012Jeffrey Pine Seed Dispersal in the Sierra San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, MexicoS.B. Vander Wall, M.S. Enders, S. Barga, C.M. Moore, A. Seaman, R. PereaWestern North American NaturalistLinkReprint   


2015QPot: Quasi-Potential Analysis for Stochastic Differential EquationsC.M. Moore, C.R. Stieha, B.C. Nolting, M.K. Cameron, K.C. Abbott, J. GregsonRCRAN GitHubversion 1.1: alt text

Other publications

2014Seed Dispersal and Seed Dispersal Syndromes in Manzanitas, and Other Higher PlantsC.M. MooreUniversity of Nevada, RenoLinkReprintDissertation
2014The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of CaliforniaC.M. MooreWestern North American NaturalistLinkReprintBook review
2011Pollination and Floral EcologyC.M. MoorePlant Science BulletinLinkReprintBook review
2011Invasives: Classify with CareC.M. MooreScienceLinkReprintLetter
2009Let’s Give Them Something To Talk AboutC.M. MooreFrontiers in Ecology and the EnvironmentLinkReprintLetter