Introduction to Ecology, BI271

This site is to be used for Introduction to Ecology, BI271, at Colby College for the fall semester of 2017. The sidebar breaks the course into relevant content for both the Lecture and Laboratory that I teach, Lecture B and Lab C2.

InstructorSectionDays of the weekTimeLocation
BecknellLecture AMWF8:00—8:50 AMOlin 001
MooreLecture BMWF9:00—9:50 AMLovejoy 215
StaffiereLab A1T1:00—4:50 PMOlin 213
PearsonLab A2T1:00—4:50 PMOlin 223
BecknellLab B1W1:00—4:50 PMOlin 213
PearsonLab B2W1:00—4:50 PMOlin 223
StaffiereLab C1R1:00—4:50 PMOlin 213
MooreLab C2R1:00—4:50 PMOlin 223

If there’s any information you wish to see here, please let me know.