Mutualism Ecology Chris Moore


Preprint, submitted, accepted, or in press

  • Submitted, When the window is a mirror: how do dominant theories limit our understanding of nature? (ESA 2023 INS23), A. Simha, A. James, J. Monk, H. Zou, P. Ke, A. Wright, M. Bimler, C. Moore, S. Pierre, L. CarleyG. and Kandlikar, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America
  • Preprint, in review, How do host population dynamics impact Lyme disease risk dynamics in theoretical models?, J.D.T. Savage† and C.M. Moore, PLoS Biology, Preprint

Peer-reviewed publications

  • 2023, Latitude, traits, and phylogeny determine variability in herbivore attack, Robinson and 190 other, Science, Link
  • 2023, Mutualisms in a Warming World, Cruz, Davidowitz, Moore, and Bronstein, Ecology Letters, Link
  • 2023, Masting is uncommon in trees that depend on mutualist dispersers in the context of global climate and fertility gradients, Qiu and 94 others, Nature Plants, Link, Reprint
  • 2022, Globally, tree fecundity exceeds productivity gradients, V. Journé and 93 others, Ecology Letters, Link, Open access
  • 2022, Limits to reproduction and seed size-number trade-offs that shape forest dominance and future recovery, T. Qiu and 102 others, Nature Communications, Link, Open access, Code, Data
  • 2022, Global urbanization drives parallel environmental and evolutionary change, J.S. Santangelo and 287 others, Science, Link, Code, Data, Cover image
  • 2021, Continent-wide tree fecundity driven by indirect climate effects, J.S. Clark and 61 others, Nature Communications, Link, Open access, Code, Data
  • 2020, Trends and transitions in 150 years of The American Naturalist, V.B Smocovitis, D.I. Bolnick, C.M. Moore, P.L. Morse, The American Naturalist, Link, Open access, Data
  • 2020, On mutualism, models, and masting: the effects of seed-dispersing animals on the plants they disperse, C.M. Moore, J.W. Dittel, Journal of Ecology, Link, Open access, Forum article
  • 2020, Fast and slow advances toward a deeper integration of theory and empiricism, K.C. Abbott, F. Ji, C.R. Stieha, C.M. Moore, Theoretical Ecology, Link, Reprint
  • 2019, The mismatch in distributions of vertebrates and the plants that they disperse, J.W. Dittel, C.M. Moore, S.B. Vander Wall, Ecography, Link, Open access, Link, Data, Named Editor’s Choice
  • 2018, Population dynamics of mutualism and intraspecific density dependence: how θ-logistic-like density dependence affects mutualistic positive feedback, C.M. Moore, S.A. Catella, K.C. Abbott, Ecological Modelling, Link, Reprint, SuppMatt reprint, Code
  • 2016, QPot: An R Package for the Analysis of Two-Dimensional Stochastic Differential Equations, C.M. Moore, C.R. Stieha, B.C. Nolting, M.K. Cameron, K.C. Abbott, The R Journal, Link, Open access, CRAN, GitHub, Software listed below
  • 2016, Interaction diversity of North American seed-dispersal mutualisms, S.B. Vander Wall, C.M. Moore, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Link, Reprint
  • 2015, Scatter-hoarding rodents disperse seeds to safe sites in a fire-prone ecosystem, C.M. Moore, S.B. Vander Wall, Plant Ecology, Link, Reprint, Code
  • 2012, Jeffrey Pine Seed Dispersal in the Sierra San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, Mexico, S.B. Vander Wall, M.S. Enders, S. Barga, C.M. Moore, A. Seaman, R. Perea, Western North American Naturalist, Link, Reprint


2015, QPot: Quasi-Potential Analysis for Stochastic Differential Equations, C.M. Moore, C.R. Stieha, B.C. Nolting, M.K. Cameron, K.C. Abbott, J. Gregson, Written in R link to CRAN, link to GitHub, version 1.1: alt text

Other publications

  • 2023, The Movement Ecology of Mutualism (CSEE/ESA 2022, OOS17), Moore‡, Shaw‡, and 6 others, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, Link, Open access
  • 2022, Introduction to quantitative ecology: mathematical and statistical modelling for beginners by T.E. Essington, 2021, J.D.T. Savage† and C.M. Moore, The Quarterly Review of Biology, Link, Reprint, Book review
  • 2014, Seed Dispersal and Seed Dispersal Syndromes in Manzanitas, and Other Higher Plants, C.M. Moore, University of Nevada, Reno, Link, Reprint, Dissertation
  • 2014, The Jepson Manual: Vascular Plants of California, C.M. Moore, Western North American Naturalist, Link, Reprint, Book review
  • 2011, Pollination and Floral Ecology, C.M. Moore, Plant Science Bulletin, Link, Reprint, Book review
  • 2011, Invasives: Classify with Care, C.M. Moore, Science, Link, Reprint, Letter
  • 2009, Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About, C.M. Moore, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Link, Reprint, Letter

†: Undergraduate or graduate student mentee
‡: Joint first author