Mutualism Ecology Chris Moore

Welcome to Chris Moore's website! I'm an ecologist at Colby College specializing in the population and community ecology of mutualism. I have brader expertise in species interactions, coevolution, dispersal, seed dispersal, and ecological theory.

I am transition to this website, so it will remain fairly bare bones through late 2023. I am hoping that it will provide people interested in my work a centralized location to find all my work and to learn about about it more comprehensively in the research page that I will write soon.

Two manuscripts submitted today

The first was from a massive project aimed quantifying variation in herbivory across the world! The project is called HerbVar, short for The Herbivory Variability Network. It’s at a high profile journal, so I won’t say much more than the network surveyed 790 populations of 503 species across 200 plant families, which might add up to around 50,000 plants and 100,000 leaves sampled! Anyhow, more on that soon.

The second was addressing some editorial comments on a paper that Allison Shaw and I spear-headed in the Ecological Society of America’s Bulletin. It’s a non-peer-reviewed piece summarizing the Organized Oral Session that we ran at last the 2022 annual ESA meeting on mutualism and movement! It’s a good recap and we synthesize a bit on how the empirically-oriented speakers studied and presented on movement and mutualism. More on that very soon!

ESA abstract submitted!

I was invited by Anita Simha and Aubrie James to speak in an Ignite Session at the annual Ecological Society of America meeting this August in Portland, Oregon. The session title is “When the window is a mirror: how do dominant theories limit our understanding of nature?” My particular talk title is: “The need to re-source the way we think about resources in mutualism”. I’m mostly excited to hear from the other speakers: I am familiar with and greatly admire so much of their work!

New website!

Welcome to my new website! I have been using GitHub sites & Jekyll to host my website since maybe around 2016. The most recent version of the site I forked caused some problems and my site failed to load from around September ‘22. After several attempts of multi-hour troubleshooting, I finally decided to abandon it and use this Jekyll theme, Lanyon. It’s super simple and I anticipate fewer problems. The tradeoff is, however, that it’ll be more difficult to host all the photos I like to take. I will figure out a way of doing so while still using this simple, informative site.